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    Hi there you meandering KAT-TUN fan or friend of mine. My name is Luna, and I'm a french fanfiction writer and fanvideo maker on my youtube channel LunaAkame Phoenix. This blog is very, very old, but I decided to edit it since I gave up on trying to make myself a livejournal to share with you girls, lol. I tried four time, and each time my LJ got suspended for God knows why, so I decided I'll share my translations, Akame hypothesis and evidences, and maybe someday my writings with you here. I also intent to make this blog some kind of free KAT-TUN data base for all of you, especially for new fans who struggle finding some tv-shows, interviews, songs, lives or PVs. I will bit by bit upload KAT-TUN related-stuff on my mega account and share the downloads with you (of course, only for videos I can. I won't share any still-on-going fansubs content or share without consent or credit). If you have any question or if you're looking for something in particular, I'm your girl ! I have like 5teras of KAT-TUN stuff lol, so I think I might have quite everything you can look for. Feel free to ask me !




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      Hello there, you have reached the masterpost. Here is a quick summary of what I'll be doing on this blog, and what I'll be sharing with you guys. Please leave comments to share your opinions with me and tell me if you're searching for anything in particular ! ^o^ And don't take notice of the very old articles still written in french (I think they're only reachable by the header menu anyway), I just leave them for fans that might still come by but it's really not interesting, pay more attention to the new ones~ ;D Hope you'll like my website! :) Enjoy yourself~



    Homophobes, if you please, I'll ask you to leave.

     This blog is all about KAT-TUN, from 6nin to 3nin, and I will support them till the end. Moreover, I'm still a huge fan of Akame, so if you dislike them, just keep quite about it. I don't accept harsh comments either, on any of the members, or on Meisa as well. Be respectful with everyone. Thank you~



    [This website is still in construction so don't mind the lame presentations and shit~]


    ► R A N D O M


    ❏ Kame to Yamapi : UNLEASHED live & mp3   Memes    Tanaka Koki   



    ► T R A N S L A T I O N S


    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web     


    ► A K A M E  E V I D E N C E S


    Hypothesis    Similiraties in Tours & PVs    Lyrics    Papapic    Sightings   

    ❏  Fanreports  ❏  Akame's close friends    Fancams   


    ► A K A M E  M O M E N T S


    Akame Interaction masterport    Funny moments    ❏  Random videos   Akame letters  ❏  Akame's close friends 


    ► K A T - T U N  P R O G R A M S


    Cartoon KAT-TUN    Sekaii Ichi Dame na Yoru    ❏  Sekaii Ichi Tame ni Naru Tabi 

    PARAVI+ Sekaii Ichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi    ❏  Shonen Club PREMIUM 


    ► I N T E R V I E W S


    Kamenashi Kazuya interview videos    Akanishi Jin interview videos   

    ❏  KAT-TUN interviews   Poeple talking about Kame or Jin in interviews


    ► K A T - T U N  T V  S H O W S


    ShonenClub    Utaban    ❏  24hTerebi   MusicStation    ❏  Arashi Ni Shiagare


    ► K A T - T U N  P V s  D O W N L O A D S [as much in order as I could put them]



    ❏ Real Face    ❏ Real Face Jin version    ❏ Real Face Kame version    ❏ Real Face 2 QUARTER

    ❏ SIGNAL    ❏ Bokura no Machi de    ❏ We'll be Alright     ❏ YOU     ❏ Yorokobi no uta  

    ❏ Keep the Faith    ❏ LIPS     ❏ Don't U ever Stop (full ver)    ❏ White X-mas     ❏ One Drop  

    ❏ RESCUE    ❏ Love Yourself    ❏ The D-MOTION   



    ❏ Going!    ❏ NO MORE PAIN    ❏ Change Ur world    STAR RIDER

    ❏ Ultimate Wheels   ❏ WHITE    ❏ RUN FOR YOU    ❏ BIRTH    ❏ LOCK ON  

    ❏ TO THE LIMIT    ❏ Fumetsu no Scrum     ❏ Snow Flake (Nakamaru Yuichi solo)

    ❏ EXPOSE + Making Of   ❏   Connect & Go    FACE to Face    FLASH (Taguchi Junosuke solo)

    ❏ Monster Night (Ueda Tatsuya solo)    ❏ BLACK or WHITE (Tanaka Koki solo)   



    ❏ Kusabi      ❏ GIMME LUV      ❏ In Fact      ❏ COME HERE 

    ❏ Hanasanaide Ai (Kamenahsi Kazuya solo)    ❏ Dead or Alive    ❏ KISS KISS KISS  

    ❏ TRAGEDY     ❏ Atsuku Nare    ❏ UNLOCK     ❏ Greatest Journey



    ❏ Unstoppable      ❏ Ask Yourself    ❏ KUN    ❏ DANGER    ❏  Go Ahead


    ► A K A N I S H I  J I N  P V s


    BANDAGE    ❏  Eternal     ❏ Seasons + Making    TEST DRIVE    SUN BURNS DOWN

    ❏ HEY WHAT'S UP?    Ai naru ho e    Good Time     ❏ Mi Amor      ❏ Let me Talk to You

    Summer kinda Love    ❏ CHOO CHOO SHITAIN (JINTAKA Unit)     ❏ Fill me up 

    ❏  Feelin'    THANK YOU + Making Of



    ► K A T - T U N  M A K I N G  O F s


    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web   

    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web   

    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web   

    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web   

    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web   


    ► A K A N I S H I  J I N  M A K I N G  O F s


    BANDAGE   ❏  Eternal    Seasons  TEST DRIVE    SUN BURNS DOWN

    HEY WHAT'S UP?   Ai naru ho e    Good Time    Mi Amor    Let me Talk to You

    Summer kinda Love    CHOO CHOO SHITAIN (JINTAKA Unit)     Feel me up 

    ❏  Feelin' (concert backstage)   THANK YOU



    ► K A T - T U N  S O N G S (by albums & alphabetic order)


    Real Face    Cartoon KAT-TUN II You    Queen of Pirates    Break the Records

    No More Pain    CHAIN    COME HERE    KUSABI    CAST



    ► K A M E N A S H I   K A Z U Y A  S O L O


    Follow Me DVD    Kame to Yamapi     Interviews    Photoshoot    Album & singles  

        ❏ Lyrics    Fancams 


    ► A K A N I S H I  J I N  S O L O


    Albums & singles    Concerts    Tv-shows     Interviews   Photoshoots    Lyrics


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