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    Hi there you meandering KAT-TUN fan or friend of mine. My name is Luna, and I'm a french fanfiction writer and fanvideo maker on my youtube channel LunaAkame Phoenix. This blog is very, very old, but I decided to edit it since I gave up on trying to make myself a livejournal to share with you girls lol. I tried 4 times already, and each time my LJ got suspended for God knows why, so I decided I'll share my translations, Akame hypothesis, analysis & evidences, and maybe someday my writings with you here. I also intent to make this blog some kind of free KAT-TUN data base for all of you, especially for new fans who struggle to find some tv-shows, interviews, songs, lives or PVs. I will bit by bit upload KAT-TUN related-stuff on my mega account and share the downloads with you (of course, only for videos I can. I won't share any still-on-going fansubs content or share without permission or credit). If you have any question or if you're looking for something in particular, I'm your girl ! I have like 8 Teras of KAT-TUN stuff lol, so I think I might have quite everything you can look for. Feel free to ask me ! ^^




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      Hello there, you have reached the masterpost. Here is a quick summary of what I'll be doing on this blog, and what I'll be sharing with you guys. Please leave comments to share your opinions with me and tell me if you're searching for anything in particular ! ^o^ And don't mind the very old articles still written in french (I don't think they're reachable by the header's menu anymore), I just leave them for fans that might still come by for the pictures, but it's really not interesting, pay more attention to the new ones~ ;D Hope you'll like my website! :) Enjoy~



    Homophobes, if you please, I'll ask you to leave.

     This blog is all about KAT-TUN, from 6nin to 3nin, and I will support them till the end. Moreover, I'm still a huge fan of Akame, so if you dislike them, just keep quite about it. I don't accept harsh comments either, on any of the members, or on Meisa as well. Be respectful with everyone please. Thank you~



    [This website is still in construction so don't mind the lame presentations and shit~]


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    ❏ Kame to Yamapi : UNLEASHED live & mp3   Memes    Tanaka Koki   



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    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web     


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    Akame Interaction masterport    Funny moments    ❏  Random videos   Akame letters  ❏  Akame's close friends 


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    Cartoon KAT-TUN    Sekaii Ichi Dame na Yoru    ❏  Sekaii Ichi Tame ni Naru Tabi 

    PARAVI+ Sekaii Ichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi    ❏  Shonen Club PREMIUM 


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    Kamenashi Kazuya interview videos    Akanishi Jin interview videos   

    ❏  KAT-TUN interviews   Poeple talking about Kame or Jin in interviews


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    ShonenClub    Utaban    ❏  24hTerebi   MusicStation    ❏  Arashi Ni Shiagare


    ► K A T - T U N  P V s  D O W N L O A D S [as much in order as I could put them]



    ❏ Real Face    ❏ Real Face Jin version    ❏ Real Face Kame version    ❏ Real Face 2 QUARTER

    ❏ SIGNAL    ❏ Bokura no Machi de    ❏ We'll be Alright     ❏ YOU     ❏ Yorokobi no uta  

    ❏ Keep the Faith    ❏ LIPS     ❏ Don't U ever Stop (full ver)    ❏ White X-mas     ❏ One Drop  

    ❏ RESCUE    ❏ Love Yourself    ❏ The D-MOTION   



    ❏ Going!    ❏ NO MORE PAIN    ❏ Change Ur world    STAR RIDER

    ❏ Ultimate Wheels   ❏ WHITE    ❏ RUN FOR YOU    ❏ BIRTH    ❏ LOCK ON  

    ❏ TO THE LIMIT    ❏ Fumetsu no Scrum     ❏ Snow Flake (Nakamaru Yuichi solo)

    ❏ EXPOSE + Making Of   ❏   Connect & Go    FACE to Face    FLASH (Taguchi Junosuke solo)

    ❏ Monster Night (Ueda Tatsuya solo)    ❏ BLACK or WHITE (Tanaka Koki solo)   



    ❏ Kusabi      ❏ GIMME LUV      ❏ In Fact      ❏ COME HERE 

    ❏ Hanasanaide Ai (Kamenahsi Kazuya solo)    ❏ Dead or Alive    ❏ KISS KISS KISS  

    ❏ TRAGEDY     ❏ Atsuku Nare    ❏ UNLOCK     ❏ Greatest Journey



    ❏ Unstoppable      ❏ Ask Yourself    ❏ KUN    ❏ DANGER    ❏  Go Ahead


    ► A K A N I S H I  J I N  P V s


    BANDAGE    ❏  Eternal     ❏ Seasons + Making    TEST DRIVE    SUN BURNS DOWN

    ❏ HEY WHAT'S UP?    Ai naru ho e    Good Time     ❏ Mi Amor      ❏ Let me Talk to You

    Summer kinda Love    ❏ CHOO CHOO SHITAIN (JINTAKA Unit)     ❏ Fill me up 

    ❏  Feelin'    THANK YOU + Making Of



    ► K A T - T U N  M A K I N G  O F s


    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web   

    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web   

    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web   

    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web   

    Kame Camera    Songs    Interviews    Manuals    J-web   


    ► A K A N I S H I  J I N  M A K I N G  O F s


    BANDAGE   ❏  Eternal    Seasons  TEST DRIVE    SUN BURNS DOWN

    HEY WHAT'S UP?   Ai naru ho e    Good Time    Mi Amor    Let me Talk to You

    Summer kinda Love    CHOO CHOO SHITAIN (JINTAKA Unit)     Feel me up 

    ❏  Feelin' (concert backstage)   THANK YOU



    ► K A T - T U N  S O N G S (by albums & alphabetic order)


    Real Face    Cartoon KAT-TUN II You    Queen of Pirates    Break the Records

    No More Pain    CHAIN    COME HERE    KUSABI    CAST



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    Follow Me DVD    Kame to Yamapi     Interviews    Photoshoot    Album & singles  

        ❏ Lyrics    Fancams 


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    Albums & singles    Concerts    Tv-shows     Interviews   Photoshoots    Lyrics


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    up untill 22.03.21 ! :D

    Please share or participate to the project to spread the love !! <3 :DD





    (by Eva-chan)


    (by Rika Akase/fb)


    (by @Yooleeana)


    (by @UedaNoYome)


    (by @Fayajima)


    (by me @LunaAkame)
















    SEND YOUR PARTICIPATION TO : kattun15thproject@gmail.com

    to be part of the final hyphen video ! ^o^/



    Hello minna, dear hyphens from all over the world !  I have this project in mind for months and I'm so happy to finally be able to start it !! We'll be celebrating KAT-TUN's 15th Anniversary on the 22nd of March ! :D Time passes by so quickly, but we are still here, old and new hyphens from all over the world, celebrating our dear KAT-TUN members, whether it's past or ongoing members ! The project has for main goal to gather hyphens from all over the world, first to spread our love and support for KAT-TUN, but also, I hope, to be able to reach them somehow ! I wish it will work !! For that, please share the project, the articles, or even translate it in your language on your pages ! It's really important to share it AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE so that it reaches the more hyphens possible ! I have shared it in english, french, and I will try translating it in spanish very quickly, and thankx so much to the dear girls who helped me translate this article in other languages above !





    I want KAT-TUN to hear about it and see our posts, and see how much powerful and supporting us hyphens can be, escpecially for hyphens living outside Japan, since they don't often see us interact because they don't use social networks! (or so we're told lol) But most of all, I want them to see how much powerful social networks can be, so that they might think of coming to social networks to share with us, too ! :) That's the main goals ! They deserve so much love and more support, because like we could see they weren't very active this year and perhaps it is because JE prefers to put money into other groups, but KAT-TUN deserves better, and still deserves to be part of the main JE groups and we want them to keep on with group activities as much as solo ones, too !! Because we miss them so much and I want them to know !


    So here was my idea. First, the idea came to my mind when I saw an incredible video of a girl making latte/coffee art of Kamenashi Kazuya ; I thought it was amazing ! (by the way if someone has the video please send me the link so that I can credit this amazing hyphen ! ^^) When I saw this I thought ''God, how wonderful would it be if KAT-TUN could see these kind of videos ? If they could see that even in our daily lives, we think about them and that they're part of us, and that some of us have talents and use those talents to express our love to them? That would be awesome if they knew!''




    So here was my idea :


    Whether you have talent or not, express your love for KAT-TUN in the way that you want : in videos, drawings, paintings, musics, singing, dancing, writing, poems, letters, making ikebanas with the members colours, baking, cooking, sharing the clothes you bought over the years just because a turtle made you think of Kame, or because you wanted to buy an octopus thing for Ueda, or because something in particular made you think of a KAT-TUN member. (I know you all past Akanishi fans have those black & white layers clothes that stands for Keep The Faith, or Kame fans have these Yamanade black & red shirts too ! xD)


    I have bought I don't how much turtle stuff, black and red squares because of Kame's jacket in his drama, or black and white layers sweatshirts because of Jin, or even made a tattoo with No More Pain lyrics. Every single one of us must have made, buy, or acted some way because of our love for KAT-TUN, and I want us to share those singularites worldwide so that it can reach KAT-TUN and make them feel our eternal love and still ongoing support !


    (!) I KNOW that lots of hyphens don't like to be reminded of Akanishi, Koki or Taguchi, and I know very well that they're not part of KAT-TUN anymore, but what I want is for us to say THANK YOU to KAT-TUN, not only for this year, but for every past year, for everything that they've brought into our lives. And so, saying thank you to 6nin KAT-TUN, 5nin KAT-TUN, 4nin KAT-TUN, as well. This is why sharing things that you brought when Koki, Jin or Taguchi were still in the group is also OK, because it shows that you were there before, and that you are still here, supporting KAT-TUN, even after everything that they've been through ! ♥ The point is to show ourselves, hyphens, to KAT-TUN. Make them aknowledge us, entirely, worldwide. Make ourselves be seen : how many of us are still here, waiting for them to have group activities. We are way more than they think, I'm sure of that, and I want JE to see that too ! ;)





    Please express your talents, your love, your opinions or support with the hashtags : #KATTUN15THANNIVERSARY and KATTUN15周年 (or also #KATTUN15THFACE (stands for KAT-TUN's 15th ''Real Face'' anniversary, meaning that for this 15th year they will again show us a beautiful new face, but also the ''Face'' stands for us, hyphens, who will finally show our ''faces'' : our support/love for KAT-TUN.)) Please share anything you want, from a video to a simple drawing, from dance covering to song cover, or your special talent, or a simple picture with a love message! ♥ The point is to get KAT-TUN on top-tweet Japan for 22.03 !! :D


    ALSO SEND YOUR PARTICIPATION TO : kattun15thproject@gmail.com to be part of the final hyphen video !



    I will share fanvids personally, since it's my main ''talent'', but also drawings I made those past few years, and also the clothes, jewelery, and stuff I bought just because it made me somehow think of KAT-TUN ! ^_^ I would also love if we could make some ''fan support'' dance for them, so if anyone is interested in making a viral dance choregraphy I'll be SO up for it ! ^o^/  It would be wonderful if we could film ourselves dancing onto Real Face's anthem & choregraphy !!  


    Anyway hyphens, I'm counting on you for this, and I really hope we can make it worldwide  to our dear boys !  


    Yoroshiku na! Let's have fun untill the 22.03 minna ! ^_^/


    See you soon on twitter, youtube, facebook and other SNS & websites~ ! ;D


    Take care ! Lors of Love~


    またね~ !



    TWITTER : @LunaAkame




    YOUTUBE : Here


    KAT-TUN ongoing and past members UPDATE GROUP : Here







    Where are You From KAT-TUN Hyphen ? ^^

    Please comment in the comments with your contry !

    (unfortunately flags emojis don't work on the website ! T_T)


    ➽ After asking on twitter and facebook I had lots of answers, thank you! But I would like to have them all gathered here in the comments, so please even if you answered it already on twitter or facebook, comment here too so that I can make a board with all the answers more easily ! ^^ Thank you !







    I'll upload full subbed episodes bit by bit ! ^_^

    See you soon for more videos, ja nya~





    (in upload)




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  • - I made an error in the date. Real date is : 29.04.20 -


    #亀と山Pインスタライブ #亀と山P #亀と山PANNP #亀と山PInstaStory #亀と山INSTALIVE #亀梨和也 #山下智久インスタストーリー #山P


    Kame to Yamapi INSTA LIVE best moments : HERE

    Kame J-web live ''STAY HOME'' for Johnny's SmileUp! Project : HERE


    #亀梨和也 #SmileProject #StayhomewithJ #livestream #Jweb


    We hear Kame-chan's laugh so often when he's with Yamapi, this is something about them that will always warm my heart. I'm so glad they have each other as a friend ! winktongueoops I just love how every single time Yamapi follows Kame into his weirdness and lovingly keep up with his bullshit, following him in his bakaness or patiently waiting during his long talks. He's like the perfect, loving best friend you could ever have. Their relationship is even more powerful than love ones I think. Thank you Kame to Yamapi for this lovely time together ! You guys made our days and nights~ *❤️* I have recorded the whole insta live ; if it's ok with youtube I will post it, hope it won't get deleted ! ^^ See you soon guys ! ~


    PS : SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL so that you don't miss the new videos ! ;D

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  • COMING SOON - 29.10.21 -


    Akame video series for the #AKAME23RDFEST


    Stay tuned. ;)



    This video is part of the series of videos "Akame Secret Desire" which is a (somehow Bdsm) themed Story I created as a fanfiction first but I also did this serie of videos following each other to create a story in a specific order. Just look for the playlist "Akame - Secret Desire videos" on my channel to see the other videos in the right order ! ;)


    PLAYLIST --> HERE ! Some videos previously added on the channel are part or the story and are added in the playlist but not displayed below. Also, more Akame videos not related to this story will come too.


    ❌ Here are the videos in order for the Story :


    Prelude videos - COMING 29.10.21 & 30.10.21 :

    - Akame - Couldn't stop Caring moments & evidence version

    - Akame - Couldn't stop Caring fanvideo version

    - Akame - If You Could Just FEEL


    ❌ Intro video : Punish You With Pleasure (this one)

    1st video : I Want to Ah Ah Ah (coming 31.10.21)

    2nd video : Love For Him is Pain (coming 05.11.21)

    3rd video : Baby I'm Jealous (coming 06.11.21)

    4th video : Our Time Is Running Out

    5th video : Perfect Memories Scattered - Need You Know (coming 08.11.21)

    6th video : Kill This Love (coming 29.10.21)

    7th video : Riptide (in November)

    8th video : I Just Want Revenge (in November)

    9th video : Y Su Fuera Jin (in November)

    10th video : But I Miss You 2021 edition (08.11.21)


    This comes with all the other videos I've been preparing for months for this month's new AKAME FEST I'm lunching again ! ;) Hope you'll enjoy ! ;D


    ❌ Follow & use the hashtag : #AKAME23RDFEST to participate ! ;D


    Hope you liked this (preview) video ! See you soon for more~ ;D


    Take care~ xxx




    SUBSCRIBE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKtWfIfClMNBGrRuwlHA8KA/videos

    TWITTER : @LunaAkame https://twitter.com/lunaakame

    FACEBOOK KAT-TUN & AKANISHI UPDATE GROUP : https://www.facebook.com/groups/LunaAkameFanvids/

    TIKTOK : @LunaAkamePhoenix

    INSTAGRAM : @Luna_Akame

    WEBSITE (Akame Theory, Lyrics Analysis, Hypothesis and much other stuff) : http://japanluna-akame.shojoblog.com/hypothesis-c30840158


    #JinKame #亀梨和也 #赤西仁 #赤亀 #仁亀 #Akame #KamenashiKazuya #AkanishiJin #Akakame #AKAME23RDFEST


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