(also talking about Care, Zutto, Sayonara Arigatou, 1582 and Kame's bisexuality lol)


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    Yo guys, I just discovered one hell of an Akame evidence ! O_O I always thought I knew all the hypothesis about Eternal being written for Kame, wich won't surprise me since Jin posted on his twitter (on Kame's birthday date) that this song was for wedding or anniversaries, and also, it really seemed to be a response to Kame's ''Aishiteru Kara'' song, but damn, I just found some really really interesting link in all the dates and also the lyrics !!


    And just so you know, I also thought that Eternal came up way after Jin's depart from the group, but actually, it didn't. Jin sang it in Yamapi's concert (he was a guest and there is a fancam of this) before his official departure from the group, and one month before this concert where he sang Eternal for the first time, was the shooting of ''Love Yourself's PV. Jin therefore wrote Eternal before leaving the group.


    First of all, Jin first sang Eternal way before it's release date which was officially on the 2nd of March 2011. Jin sang it before, in 2009, when he was a guest at Yamapi's LOVELESS concert, and also in You&Jin concerts (which happened when he was still part of the group even if they had separated activities). See why it's important :

    The first time Jin sang it, it was the 23.11.2009. 

    Three months before, in Break the records, on the 23.08.2009, Kame sang Aishiteru Kara for the first time.  

    That same month of november 2009, Akame celebrated their 11th Anniversary. (their meeting date at JE's auditions : 08.11.1998) 

    Therefore, Jin sang Eternal on the 11th month of their 11th Anniversary, on the 23rd day, just like Kame's birthday date, and just like the day Kame sang Aishiteru Kara for the first time which was in august/08 just like the day they met. Linked together, both of their first time singing the songs gives up their Anniversary : 08.11, and they both sang it on the 23rd of the month.


    Moreover, Eternal has got 11th stensas, just like Aishiteru Kara, and just like Special Happiness (wich Jin said long ago that he used to listen to before going to sleep, and also, I personally think he must have written Will Be alright in response to Kame's song Special Happiness - that Kame must have sent him to ask his opinion when he was in L.A - to which I think Kame also responded by Someday for Somebody - I’ll post another analysis on that soon ! ;D) when none other KAT-TUN songs or neither their solos had 11 stensas. Only Eternal and Aishiteru Kara does, and knowing how shy Jin was with his confidence in writing lyrics back at the time, we might at least think that he seeked inspiration in Kame's way of writing lyrics for his solos.


    Now we have the different lyrics : because there are the lyrics that we know now that the song is released officially, but Jin didn't sing the same lyrics when he performed it at first during Yamapi's Loveless concert, way before it's official release date. (There is a fancam of this but I couldn't seem to find it again, but what I did find back in my old folders is a fan audio of that performance, and we indeed hear Jin sing other lyrics - and also singing Eternal with Yamapi and it's just beautiful! <33)


    In verse 5, both versions use similar kanjis as in Aishiteru Kara & Special Happiness, and more important is the words Jin used. They are used in Aishiteru Kara and Special Happiness, and in these songs ONLY. They had never been used that same way in other KAT-TUN songs or solos. The 2 versions are different on this verse, but still, there's a link to Kame's songs in both of them. In the first one, the kanji is the same as in Aishiteru Kara, as for the second, Jin says : ''A lot of gentleness is in our chests, us goofing around or squabbling'', which are the exact same words used in Aishiteru Kara and Special Happiness (goofing around & squabbling), and in these songs only, and with a special kanji on top of that. None other songs of KAT-TUN nor their solos use these kind of words nor kanjis.


    Well, after the official release Jin said he wrote this song for a friend's wedding, but when we know he sang it way before it's release, and when we know he sang it one month after filming Love Yourself PV, we know he must have written it a bit before first performing it so it was for sure 2009 and he was still in the group (funny way to go, two years before your friend's wedding Jin, huh?? xD) I quite don't buy the ''for the wedding'' thing ! xD I guess it was more like ''for anniversaries'' to tell the truth. For Akame's anniversary perhaps, and also because he posted that message on Kazuya's birthday~ Also, in the song, Jin says ''This special day which only comes once a year'' – sounds like an anniversary date to me, right ? ;) Gosh I was so excited finding out about this ! Hope you're as excited as I am reading it ! XD












    Pic : as for the pic, it is Jin's Eternal single cover (which was, I remind you, Jin's first solo single) and Kame's Zutto performance.

    Kame sang Zutto with this shirt in all concerts, with that same bird on it, except for the DVD where he didn't have it. Just like Eternal is said to be Jin's response to Aishiteru Kara, Zutto seems to be Kame's response to Eternal. Fanreports also said he cried while singing it, and that the first day he performed it was the day Jin's official depart from the group was announced and that he couldn't even keep on singing because he was overflowing with emotions.


    (from zutto & eternal analysis, link to the LJ below) | About Eternal & Zutto : Kyou mou arigatou. Did Jin finally say ''thank you'' to Kazuya ?


    Here's a quote from a Jin interview : "Right now, I can’t really look at you and say stuff like “thank you”. Well yes because I’ll feel embarrassed, but also because we’ve known each other for a long time, and that means my small pride gets in the way of saying such things. But someday when I get slightly more mature, I feel like I’ll be able to say it. I always thought I’m the one who understand Kame the most, but maybe that’s just me. Because Kame is very serious, so I’m sure there’s a lot of things that concerned you about me. For instance, things that are naturally as such stuff that’s going on in the world also concerns you. But you’re happy when you sing, and times together with the other members are priceless right? So even though we’re doing things our own way, there’s always a place to go home to for us… Actually, I’m really happy for that." 


    And let's not forget, that Jin released a special message about Eternal via his J-web on February 23, 2011 : Kame's birthday.

    "Eternal" was made because I wanted to make a song to sing on anniversaries. That was the intuition. All different kinds of anniversaries, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc...To look back onto important things that happened. When writing the song, it's not like I've always worked this way, it was very out of order. Although it might be different sometimes, I tend to create the melody and lyrics separately. I created the melody first for "Eternal". Then I added lyrics that goes well to be sang on an anniversary." 


    Due to the similarities with Care, Jin and Kame's quotes, the last line of Eternal and the special message, it is entirely possible that Eternal was written for Kame. 


    Read the whole Eternal & Zutto analysis below ! :) She says really incredible & awesome things about the similarities in Akame's live performances ! If you want to know more about this hypothesis, read her theory that is really, really complete and amazing : https://community.livejournal.com/akame-/4825664.html


    Along with the above informations, it was also rumored that Kame was seen at Jin's Yellow Gold 3011, in which he was crying during one of Jin's Japanese songs. It's not clear which Japanese song Kame was crying during (if the rumor is true) but there are only 3 Japanese songs during YG3011: Care, Murasaki, and Eternal. Flash forward a year later, and rumors suggest that Kamenashi Kazuya was seen crying during his own solo Zutto, during the CHAIN concert held in Niigata on February 12, 2012, the day Akanishi is seen leaving the airport for his American tour, the day after he confirmed his marriage. While the paragraph could be considered incredibly sad, Kame makes an interesting statement during his solo Zutto : "Please, stay with me forever." - Kamenashi Kazuya 


    (Fuckin hell, I remember the Kame seen in Jin's Yellow Gold Tour rumour and the Kame crying on scene during Zutto posts everywhere back at the time and I feel like crying because even if I don't know for the first one, I know he really did cry during his solo that day because I saw a fancam of it and I feel heartbroken thinking about this.) 




    Jin's first single after Eternal, ''Test Drive'', went out on the 08.11.11. So, once again, on Akame's Anniversary date.


    Also, let me had that saying ''thank you'' seemed to be important to Akame, or at least Jin talked about it clearly in his interview and in Eternal, giving hints that it was for Kame. (he also said once that one day, he'll want to be thankfull to the fans, his mother, his friends, and Kame.) As to answer this, Kame wrote ''Sayonara, Arigatou.'', his first ever single (even if it wasn't completely solo), it was still considered as his first ''solo single'', which was released on 06 November 2013 (Akame Anniversary month) as to put an end to their suffering hearts, and of course, answers Jin's first single ''Eternal'' in wich he shyly thanked him. 


    '' Goodbye and thank you, the one I love
    If we can meet again someday...
    I want to see you I want to see you
    Even if the tears start to overflow
    Goodbye and thank you, the one dear to me
    We'll meet again someday
    So smile Goodbye and thank you''


    '' Goodbye and thank you, the one I love
    If we can meet again someday...
    No matter how troublesome we find living to be...
    Goodbye and thank you, the one dear to me
    In the end, we'll say it was good that we'd been born
    Saying goodbye and thank you through the tears

    Rather than 100 words listed out
    Just one phrase is enough

    (It's love)(It's love)

    Goodbye and thank you, the one I love
    If we can meet again someday...
    I want to see you I want to see you
    Even if the tears start to overflow
    Goodbye and thank you, the one dear to me
    We'll meet again someday
    So smile (So smile)
    So smile (So smile)
    So smile (So smile)

    Saying goodbye and thank you through the tears''


    But Jin didn't seem to follow him on this ''ending the relationship'' thing, and his first album #JustJin went out the same day, on 06 November 2013 in which there were Eternal PV, & songs like ''New Life'' or ''Ano Natsu'' in which he remembered the good time they've had and the love and regrets that lingered. Emerald came one year later, and I believe it to be an answer to Ano Natsu, Seasons and others, and some months later, again in November, came Mi Amor, which we all know, is so much alike Emerald and is more likely to be it's answer.


    +++ Let me add even more :


    In BTR, Kame didn't sing only Aishiteru Kara, but also 1582, and well, we all know how ambigus 1582 is, and if you ask me, I think 2009 is the period Kame really accepted his bisexuality (or at least, the fact that these feelings he felt for Jin, a man, were indeed true love and not just friendship). He had this blond surfer vibe hair & mood, a bright smile all over his face while wearing rainbow necklace, bracelets and clothes, and it really felt like he was in a happy relationship with someone or at least received the love he wanted. I truelly think this is the period Akame gave (again) a shot at their relationship and perhaps, 1582 expressed that same duality going on in Kame's mind has he was accepting/challenging his own sexuality in his personal life at that time.


    Moreover, Kame sang Aishiteru Kara in an accoustic way, so he had to learn the guitar from someone, and yeah sure we do have Kokame shots from KAT-TUN's BTR Calendar where we can see Koki helping Kame with the guitar, but when have you seen Koki play the guitar exactly huh? xD And also, in other shots of this calendar, we can clearly see Jin's the one holding a guitar and playing it lol. Maybe he was pissed at the Kokame shots and wanted to express it as to tell Koki to stop teasing him lol, and perhaps was pissed at Kame for buying this whole ''if we put you together on a shoot poeple will wonder about your relationship so it's better we don't shoot you together at all and you go with Koki'' thing . It's so funny because at that period we can clearly see that the production teams and tv-shows had put the accent on Kokame more, as to hide something. And also, we have countless ''jaleous Jin'' glares and looks towards Kokame at that time too (think of that CKT episode where Koki has his arm around Kame as they enter the set and Jin just shots a death glare at them lmao. )


    All this just reminds me so much of that group photo of KAT-TUN in their lodge in BTR Live Document Photobook, where we can see Jin's hat just next to Kame but Jin is sitting the opposite way of the room next to Maru ! xD If feels just so unatural lol.) Since Jin was the one knowing how to play the guitar in the group, it's only natural Kame asked him for help & advise for his solo right ? So friendly co-worker Akanishi must have been the one given a helping hand to Kame and teach him the guitar, just like in QOP where he had made Kame's board for his solo. sarcastic


    Anyway, the point isn't about Kame learning the guitar from Jin, because this is just hypothesis, but what cought my attention is just the ''singing in front of a mic while playing the guitar'' thing. Doesn't it remind you of some beautiful song talking about true feelings of love and shyness ? ;D Funny that when we see the fancam of Kame's first time singing the song, he's so shy and blushing and misses up the lyrics and melody and is laughing in embarassement at it lol. Maybe was it because the person to which this song was adressed to was backstage on the side waiting to hear that song for the first time too ? wink2 Lol, honestly, I truelly believe Aishiteru Kara being Kame's response to Jin's feelings in Care.

    Ho and while I'm at it, what did Jin do after that? Singing back Care in an accoustic way. Just.. guuuuuys!!! xDD 



    Coincidence ? XD It's starting to be a bit MUCH lol. I have more Analysis, Hypothesis and Theory to come in which I linked all the songs being answers to each other, I’ll post it soon ! ;D Please let me know what you think ! <3


    See ya~ <3





    ☽ ●•٠· OPAQUE & CAN'T CRY ·٠•● ☾

    (mentions of Fill me up, Sai Ai, Ima, Zutto, Unstoppable & others too)


    (!) PLEASE, play ''OPAQUE'' song while reading this, it's even better ! ^^ You have it in the video, you can just right click the screen and put it on ''repeat'' mode ! ~ /


    Hello everyone ! God I have finally finished this Akame Theory post lol, it took me weeks to edit it and months to finally put this theory into clear words! xD First note : english isn't my native language ; I tried to express myself as clearly as possible so don't hesitate on asking me more details if you didn't understand something, but I think it's pretty clear and easy to read so I think it will be ok ! ;) Also, I mention an interview at some point, but didn't really have the time to look it up again to find the exact interview's name or date (even tho I know it's somewhere in their teenage period so it was before 2006 for sure) so if you happen to have that interview, I'm definitively up for it!.


    Also, I have made videos in the past about KAT-TUN PVs & Akanishi's performances or Akame Tour performances similarties, you can look it up too ! You have them here : Akame Smiliraties in their Tours (live band & rock parts, crazy psychiatric outfits, robes/jacket with stickers...etc) and KAT-TUN PV similarities with Jin's performances (talking about Unstoppable, Christmas Morning, Eternal, dance & promo pictures + album & single fonts that were the same..etc) Ho and while I'm at it, even tho I didn't talk about it the video, it's like 100% sure Kame was the one giving a strong opinion on how he wanted UNSTOPPABLE PV to look like, and the clip ended up looking just like Eternal, Christmas Morning, and Opaque performance that are Jin's main performances of his live and also the most Akame-related-to be songs ? LOL, Kame, I see you there. You made it all in one PV. Good job.) xD

    That said, please enjoy, and let me know what you think afterwards ! :D



    * * * 


    Here is one of my hypothesis that is more likely to be true lol, about Jin's Opaque performance (which Kame copied a bit in UNION concert, and by being in a cube as well in his CAN'T CRY latest solo performance, and also in UNSTOPPABLE PV that Kame is more-likely to have put his veto on lol), and also about all the performances around stars, planets, moons and cosmos that Akame seem to be really keen on. These two cursed lovers seem to be really found of cosmic related-stuff, even back then when they were teenagers, and I can only imagine the long conversations about the meaning of life and beginnings of the universe that they must have had together when they spent long hours on phone calls or during summer vaccations at Jin's parents house at the beach. And even if they surely talked about all those things (like all teenagers do), there are some ''proofs'' that let us know there is more than a strong meaning behind all the hints they give away in their songs and performances.


      To start up with, for those of you who didn't know, Theia is the name of a small planet that got into collision with the new born Earth (called Gaia). The collision gave birth to the moon, which was formed with Theia's debrits. It is one of the most known theory about how the moon was created.

    That said, we can imagine that Jin named his daughter ''Theia'' because he was feeling himself like the Earth, and that that little planet, Theia, came right to him and entered in collision with his life. Such a beautiful way of finding a name for his daughter, if you ask me ! <3 It is like ''hello there, I'm coming up right here~~BOOM!'' haha~ ^^. Anyway, let's come back to the hypothesis. Moreover, I think that's why in his PV ''Feel me up'' there's an astronaut on the moon. Jin himself is living chaos on earth, like we can see in his PV, and all he wants is for the moon (the remainings of the Theia planet) to let him join her (the part where he falls into space and asks the moon, a person, or perhaps, his daughter, to ''feel him up'' - with love). He's also all alone, in the dark, writing letters, as to address it to the moon. That also made me think of the super-known beautiful ''Talking to the moon'' song by Bruno Mars, which we know, Jin must be a fan since he went at his concert years ago. (And well, we all know Akame did go to that concert and ran into each other ; and what were the odds ; like what's the possibility they went at that exact same date when there must have been other Bruno Mars performances day in Japan huh? Anyway, not the main point here~.)



    Back to the astronaut part in Fill me Up, I started wondering if Jin was himself the astronot, lifting his beer in a very Jin-attitude-way ; so if we link that to the woman, believing it is Meisa and linking it back to all Jin's lyrics where he states that he doesn't feel her love, it is like Jin escaped from the nightmare he was living on Earth, and exiled himself on the moon, with his dear person - or his daughter -, to whom he's assured he/she'll understand him and be able to talk with him about all those “meaning of life” and “creation” stuff (since, like we can see in the PV, there's a lack of comprehension in the relationship with the woman, and their needs are different - and he also talks about this in his song ''Feel''). Someday he will be able to talk about those things with his daughter - if he addresses this song/PV to his daughter - or perhaps, and like I will show later, to that special person who gets him well about those things.


    Also, just like in Opaque where Jin says : ''Imma need somebody, cuz I'm giving up.'' in Fill Me Up, he also says ''Wanna love somebody. So Fill me up!'' - with love. He wants somebody that understands him, someone to love truelly, and surely, it gives away the feeling that the person both in his PV and whom he's talking about in his lyrics, doesn't seem to be the person he wants, because he wants to love that person, but that person doesn't love him back, that's why he asks for that person to truelly do love him. But since it's not the case, he'll need somebody else. Also, that would match the ''Dakara motto gentle aishita yo baby ; I don't think I can do it'' from the song Baby. In this song too, he asks the person to love him in a more ''rightfull'' way, because he has a hard time holding on.

    Anyway, back to the performances. I'm not gonna repeat what a -blessed- girl said in her Zutto, Eternal and Mi Amor Theory ( read it here and here, it's fuckin awesome), but Kame and Jin really seem to answer each other or at least complete each other's story in their performances. They really are communicating through them.

    Something sure, is that they both have a strong affinity with cosmos-related stuff. For trivial information, Kame said a long time ago (and showed in a picture, I think it was in Maquia) that he had a planetarium in his room (wich, if you ask me, inspired him Zutto's lyrics and light starry melody & performance - also said to be a lullaby, and well, Theia was born not long after ne~ ;) ). Recently, it was also known that Yamapi (one of Kame's closest friend, or best friend, or brother, anyway we all know how close they are now lol) has a telescope on his balcony, and that he likes watching the stars with him. So, we definitely know that Kame is a star-cosmos-lover too, just like Jin.

    And to show that Kame is definitvely into astrological things, just read my hypothesis on Emerald (sorry it’s not posted yet but I will soon update it ! ^^ I discovered it myself years ago way before reading the theory about it & I have more thoughts to say on the matter than what the hypothesis on top said) which is, I recall, Jin's Astrological stone if you look it up with his full birth date (if you don't put the exact birth date, you'll get another stone!) And of course, Murasaki, the colour purple being Amethyst's colour, funny to say it is actually Kamenashi-kun's birth stone, too.


    Also, let's continue by saying Kame and Jin always referred themselves in interviews as ''the Sun and the Moon''. And for the record, they surely played ''Mars'' and ''Mercure'' back in the BTR live, and funny fact is that Theia, the small planet that got into collision with Earth, was known to be the size of Mars lol. So Jin playing it in BTR, and then naming his girl after a planet, hmm, well, he's definitively into these kinda things.

    As for Akame referring to themselves as the Sun and the Moon, they said that quite a few times, and also people around them (I have Koki in mind but I think Ryo and Yamapi also talked about them in those terms long ago) often said they were opposites but still very complementary, just like the Sun and the Moon.


    What brought my attention was the fact that there is a really well-know Legend/Tale about the Sun and the Moon, which is one of the most beautiful one I've ever read. Kame being the romantic fucker that we know at that time, and also Jin and his idealistic way of seeing love relationships when he was young, must definitely have heard of it. I can totally see them seeking inspiration on the internet to help them write their lyrics for their solo songs, and running onto this Tale that describes really well lots of love relationships they talked about in their songs and even more in their teen-age interviews.

    Here is the tale :

    “Tell me the story about how the Sun loved the Moon so much he died every night just to let her breath.” She asked.

    “Once during a time when the earth was simple, the Sun shone brighter than anything. The people were grateful and rejoiced every time the Sun shone. He brought them joy and warmth, he was even the source of their warmth.

    But he was lonely, all by himself in the vast skies. He would look down at the people dancing in his radiance and wonder if he was simply destined to a life of solitarily. That was the price he paid for being the brightest, he reasoned.

    Then there was the Moon. As the Sun grew weary and began to disappear she would rise into the sky, flanked by millions of stars. Her radiance was a sad kind of beauty, one that went unnoticed as the people slept. The Stars watched her with woefulness, hoping that one day they could get close enough so she wouldn't feel so empty. But they couldn't. The Moon was untouchable, surrounding herself with a blanket of darkness through the cold nights.

    Until one day when the Sun was sliding out of the heavens, he caught a glimpse of her. She was peeking up, a rare side of her being exposed to the light. And while the Sun could shine, he knew the Moon could glow, and a faithful whisper trumped an arrogant shout any day.
    So just as the Stars were wandering into the night, the Sun fell in love like a snowball hurdling down a mountain. How he wished to see her more than the fleeting moments he shared with her at both dawn and dusk. But the Moon was untouchable. Uncurable. Unfreeable.
    “Go,” she whispered to him one of those nights, her voice as sweet and sorrowful as the last light of morning, “Go and let me breathe, for you and I have decided fates. You illuminate the day, and I cast a glow on the night. We will never be. Our connection would go against what all people believe, all they know.” During the summer he would stay a little longer just in case she would change her mind. It was no use.

    “Don't you dare abandon your blessing of light for my darkness.” Those were the last words the Moon was strong enough to speak to the Sun, ” I responded. "


    This Tale rang a bell in my head, because if Akame knew about it, whether it was Kame or Jin, I can totally see them recognize each other in it. Jin was said to be that bright child shining up everyone’s day, being always noizy and fooling around while following everyone and wanting to be friends, while Kame on the other hand, was that nervous brat from a family of four, trying to be heard among his brothers but always being the one picked apon or shut down ; quite reserved but still sometimes coldly straight towards people. 


    Kame would often talk in interviews about how much Jin was always bringing him out of his comfort zone, making plans to go shopping or come eat with him, and even when Kame wasn’t feeling like it or was feeling down, telling him he changed his mind, Jin would show up at his doorstep with food or drag him along to whatever place they had - mainly - plan on going together. At that point, Kame said in the interview that he was thankful for him for doing so, to which Jin responded that Kame had to stop cancelling plans on him lol. In that same interview, Jin said that Kame was one of his favourite person, and from that statement we can understand that even if Jin knew Kame wasn’t as “energetic’’ or joyfull as him, he still appreciated him pretty much, just like the Sun fell in love with the cold beauty of that Moon he never seemed to be able to reach. 


    As they grew up, I think they understood that Tale just great, because it was describing their mood, characters and relationship so well.


    They were opposites, but still very attracted to each other, just like magnets endlessly avoiding each other then again, attracted to one another, just like, I will show later, this cube in Opaque express it.


    Also, let me had that Kame must definitively know about this Tale, since he accepted on being the model for a shoot that talks about it. He even accepted to wear a bride's dress for it. The theme of the shoot was ''The Moon longing for the Sun''. Sorry I couldn't find back all the images, but even back at the time I had a strong feeling about this shoot, because we could see Kame standing in white in front of a black wall, while light was pouring out of this wall like there was some place so bright on the other side and he was just there stuck on his own inside the dark. One of the photo from this shoot is missing here, but Kame had his back turned on the camera, and was facing this wall, with both desperate hands on it, while light was pouring out of the small holes in it, like he was effectively longing for this bright light that he couldn't reach.


    Here is the shoot :




    Also, this is the same photographer that had Kame as a model for another shoot, that once again, made me think of Kame and Jin. It was a shoot that went out some time after Jin had his girl Theia, and I always thought it was quite odd Kame accepted on being the model for such a shoot because it was so obvious what they wanted to express, but after seeing these both shoots, I thought perhaps he accepted it because the themes were touching him somehow.


    In this other shoot (that was released before the bride one), the feeling is a desperate one, with Kame being dressed as a groom with despair in his eyes and in the air around him, while he looks at a little girl and tries to reach for her with a fuckin RED flower. In both shoots, under the same photographer directory, I feel like Kame was trying to express how he felt deeply inside him and perhaps, this is why he was choosed as the model for this one too. And more funny, is that they really did chose a ''foreign'' little girl ; so I think they really wanted to link Kame to the fact KAT-TUN's ex member Akanishi Jin just had a daughter.




    At this point you might wonder why the reference to the Moon and the Sun is such a big deal if it’s just hypothesis. Well, there are three main reasons :

    1. Kame & Jin referred to themselves planty times as the Sun and the Moon, so we can only imagine they both knew exactly what those meant for them, and why those would describe them so much.

    2. Before KAT-TUN debuted, Akame wrote a song called ''Moon Light''.(see below) And if you ask me, this Tale could be there inspiration, or the third point just below might be, too. Also, Kame's ''Tsuki no Michi'' might be inspired by it.

    3. In japanese, words like ''I love you'' aren't often said, so to speak their feelings, japanese poeple used to say 月が綺麗ですね | tsuki ga kirei desu ne ''the moon is beautiful, isn't it ?''. Here is the whole explanation : LINK. This is why there are so many references to the moon and it’s beams light in japanese songs, and especially Akame’s. Korean also tend to use this form of expressing their feelings, as this beautiful japanese way of saying ''I love you'' became really known around artists and poetic writers.



    Anyway, back to Opaque. For those of you who didn't understand the meaning of the cube, it is related to the cosmos, in some way. In quantum physics and other related sciences used to study the tiniests of things, the first (and only) way to quantify the properties, shape, or anything related to the universe, was within this ‘‘cube’’. As for my own knowledge of the thing (since I'm a huge cosmos and universe lover) I learned in a beautiful documentary about cosmos and nothingness that searchers discovered, while studying nothingness and its properties, that if they locked absolute nothingness in a cube, there would be enough energy to create absolutely everything inside of it. In the nothingness (called vacuum) that they’ve locked up in a single cube, was enough energy to create a whole lots of universes.



    There was always two particles coming to ''life'' inside of it : one positive, and the other negative. Like everything in life that exists (and since every single mollecule comes in two, just like our DNA, the core of a tree, a leaf, a living being or any other thing in the universe), as soon as a “positive’’ particle/materia appeared, right at the same time, its exact contrary appeared too (called ''anti-materia''). Those two particles would forever appear then disappear in a blink of an eye inside the vaccum, like magnets avoiding one another then again attracted to each other ; and in this endless action, an energy so strong was created that in its collision could reside the beginning of everything, or the end of everything. In this small cube filled with nothingness, could have been the beginning of everything we know : universe, galaxys, cosmos, planets, and so : life.



    This is the closest ''proof'' of the Big bang Theory that they discovered, because from this nothingness, remained enough energy to blow it all, and so, create the strong blow that would have created the universe. (see the video at the end if you want to know more about this~)

    Jin, in his Opaque performance, is, as it seems, dancing inside the cosmos. 

    And also becoming alive, since life supposedly began this way - from this emptiness. Or, like he seem to express it by holding his head in a way that makes us think he's driven crazy by something/someone : dying.



    And I have discovered more on this some years ago when I went at a dance representation on Digital Arts in a Museum in Bordeaux city, back in 2017. I went there because the pictures showed some digital arts with a dancer and I was intrigued by it. It looked so much like Jin's Opaque performance that I had to know more about this and know if someone had had the guts to copycat my dear Jin Akanishi lol.  But actually, Jin isn't the one who invented this dance. It is called ''Hakanai Dance'', and was invented by two french artists (lol, they HAD TO BE french, did Kame take Jin on a trip to Paris or what ? xD) in 2014.

    In Japanese language, Hakanaï defines what is impermanent, fragile, evanescent, transitory, between dream and reality. It's a very old word that evokes an elusive material associated with the human condition and its precariousness, but also associated with Nature. Its Kanji is written by combining two elements, one that designates the man,  and one which designates the -dreamy- thought. So this symbolic dance and it's name were the starting point for a dancer meeting images, giving birth to a space located at the fringe of the imaginary and the real.


    Knowing Jin, this looked just like him, who's between digital life and natural, since we could many times see that he likes the futuristic feels and robot-like humans. Also, he must know about the name of the dance, Hakanai, and perhaps, that's why he named his song OPAQUE, because it was for him the more appropriate english word to describe something unclear, fragile, but yet, strong enough to put a line between too things. Things that were true, and things that were just dreams.


    And I think Kame understood that perfectly, and I believe he's the one who must have taken Jin to see that performance, because he understood just exactly what that Hakanai dance was telling, since he copied the cube-shapped form three times already, and I think he expressed it in CAN'T CRY too (in another way than the cube), like I will explain later.



    Now we know that Kame ''copied'' the cube shaped form not only back then in UNION concert (even tho the cube wasn't closed, like he wanted to say something about the fact that he wasn't trapped inside it like Jin was in his performance, and like he claims it in his lyrics - stuck here on my own part - ) but copied it twice, since he used a similar way of expressing it in his latest CAN'T CRY solo performance. (and well, not twice but three times, actually, if we count UNSTOPPABLE PV's one too.) That left me wonder : does Kame know all the meaning of the cube ; does he know what Jin meant by it, or does he just want to let Jin know he watched him from afar and admired his performance ? Knowing that Kame is a cosmos-lover too, and seeing all his lyrics talking about moon, night sky and knowing his love about stars and such, I'm wondering if he doesn't know exactly what it meant. Again, there's a link between the two that is too significant to ignore. And I won’t even start talking about UNSTOPPABLE PV that is also suck on Jin’s Opaque performance and also Eternal & Christmas Morning’s perf, which were Jin’s main -beautiful- performances of his concert, and that are, for me, the most likely to be Akame-songs.


    Kame performance in UNION concert (if I remember well, it was KAT-TUN's first concert after Jin released his DVD in wich we could see Opaque performance) :


    Then, we have CAN'T CRY :

     Kame is also trapped within ; playing with the glass ; there is water on the glass, just like Jin had fuckin RAIN effects during the performance.


    Well, since CAN'T CRY’s lyrics are quite sad, like Kame is saying that the person he loves doesn't seem to love him back, I'm wondering if he didn't chose this Jin's Opaque performance on purpose, when it was, truth be told, the most difficult to understand & meaningfull performance of the concert. I think lots of fangirls must have not understand it ; because yeah sure we can see Akanishi is dancing inside constelation/digital effects, and yeah he's holding his head like he's driven crazy by someone or something, but there is so much to this than just that. Actually, I doubt lot of poeple have understood how much was going on behind this cube and song, but definitively, Kame did.

    So back to Kame, him chosing that performance out of all Jin's one, and copying the cube three fuckin times, let me know he must have chosen it on purpose. It's like he's telling him he understood exactly what he wanted to express in this cube, and perhaps, he's the only one to get him, just like Jin in his Opaque lyrics is expressing how confused he feels towards the situation and the person, because this person doesn't get him, and this is why he'll ''need somebody'' that gets him finally ; but then if Jin's answer is ''no'', ok, Kame will stay alone in his own cube and will chose himself.


    But now back to the HAKANAI dance thing. Like said before, the word Hakanai can be both applied to Humans or Nature, it describes something that is between the reality and dream, between ''unreal'' and the thoughts itself. And no other language than japanese has a word for describing that evanescent thing, so it's really difficult to express it overwise. This is one more thing why I think this song was adressed to Kame, because if someone loves poetic things, lyrics or images, - and seeing how fucked up difficult and philosophic Kamenashi's mind is in his Kame Camera -  it would be Kame for sure, and he would be the one to understand the meaning of such a word, and get where Jin was going with this song and performance ( just like when we have Jin talking about the fact he wants to be understood, strange huh?) And also, the fact that this dance & digital arts were created by french poeple, and that I'm pretty sur Kame's the one who talked to Jin about it or has taken him to see this Hakanai show because I know those artists went to Japan at some point because their art became famous there lol.


    Anyway I think Kame, in his own way, tried to express that duality Inside the word HAKANAI, too, in his CAN'T CRY performance.


    At the beggining of CAN'T CRY, he's playing this KAMEstagram game as to make fun of the virtual world (and well, JINstagram, I think. He even copied the damn name), but I think there's more than that behind it. I think he's telling Jin that he doesn't want this fake life, he doesn't want to sell this fake ''dreams'', and that if you want to see the real him, well, he's lonely and stuck inside his own cube - inside his feelings/this twisted relationship, just like Jin is in Opaque. Then if he'll have to chose, between Unreal/Humans or Reality/Nature, then he'll chose the later, and perhaps, that is why also in his lyrics, he says he'll chose himself. And at the end of the performance, (when he's inside his cube, in his lonely reality), he indeed undresses himself and the lights turn off, as to show that he is home ; inside his cube, living his life : into reality.

    And since we know Kame, in lots of interviews, said the first thing he does when he gets home is undressing himself, like he's leaving the idole ''Kamenashi Kazuya'' at the door ; like he's taking his own skin off ; the way he undresses when the lights turn off gives away the feeling of us fans being ''shut down'' of his privacy. So, indeed : he is home, and won't show us a thing. His cube is his reality.


    Like in Hakanai that is a duality between two opposites, there is a choice to make, and Kame expresses it in his own way, but like Jin in his OPAQUE lyrics, they both have a choice to make on the matter and are feeling very confused about it.



    As for Jin's lyrics in Opaque, I always felt like it was 100% Akame, let me explain why. 


    First, Jin isn't talking to Meisa ; but to someone else. He says ''you said, her mother say : ''take all that you want''. It is like Jin is talking about someone, who told him that Meisa said that. The whole song gives me the feeling that Jin's fed up with his wife, and ''needs somebody'' because he's ''stuck on his own'' and that ''he needs somebody'' that he's pleading not to “let him fall” (not ‘fall’ from the verb, but in the meaning ''don't abandon me''), and that ''he needs somebody'' because ''he's giving up'' (on trying to arrange things with his wife, because he feels tired.).



    I'm quite confused at one part tho. Jin says ''You said : ''make your own bed''
    When you move away in the dark
    ''. If he's talking about Meisa, it gives away the feeling that she's asking him to sleep in another bed as her's, and that would show a well-known married couple difficulty as a couple sleeping rooms appart is the first sign of unhappiness, but then, it would match the ''I will need somebody (-else, to feel real love/affection/happy) because I'm giving up'' (- on us). Moreover, Jin says ''You said you wanted it, but what the fuck does that mean bitch?'' (Personally I always heard ''you said you wanted it, but why the fuck you stabbed me ?'' but that's my personal hearing.). In this sentence, it's like Jin is once again blaming her like he use to do in lots of his songs ; it's like he's telling her ''why did you accept on marrying me, if it's to hurt me like that ?'' but once again, he could be talking to someone else (and that would be more appropriate, because calling your wife ''bitch''... hm, well.. even if it won't be the first time in his lyrics tho, lol) to that person who's passive-aggressive towards him. It could be both, and either way, it's confusing, if someone else asks him to make his own bed ? If we assume he's talking to Kame, then that would mean Kame is mad at him, and makes him sleep on the couch, by exemple. That would also mean that the ''said you wanted it but wtf does that mean bitch ?'' is addressed to Kame, and if it is, then that means Kame expected something from Jin, and that Jin is taking it in consideration - thinking about giving it to him - but feeling upset about it because he doesn’t understand what it means exactly that he wants from him so he’s confused.



    To continue with the lyrics, Jin says ''you said, nothing is dead, when you move in the dark. You said, (you) knew you could've fled, but there ain't no way out''. 


    The person's walking away in the dark, after telling Jin that ''nothing is dead - and that even though he knew he could have run away from it, there is no way out - of this for him, because he still loves him'' it is like the person meant ''my feelings are still there ; intact'' by the ''nothing is dead''. But Jin feels that in the dark, that person has lost those feelings. (“Tho you lost something dark”). That said, it reminds me of the end of Kame's Emerald song, where he says that he will still love that person, even if it's in the dark.


    Jin in Opaque says ''You said, ''Nothing is dead'', though you lost something in the dark.'' It's like at the beginning, he's saying that he thought the person had lost his feelings by staying in the dark, but at the end, he says that even though the person could have fled (run away from it), there is no way out (so he's still trapped too, in this relationship, just like Jin says that he's ''stuck here on his own''.) Both of them are trapped in it. And as to show it's indeed the case, Kame made his performance in a cube too, where he's also trapped, on the contrary of UNION’s cube which was open at that time. Now, the person tells Kame ‘‘no’’, so as Jin was back then, he is himself trapped/stuck on his own inside his cube ; when he was, before that, open to his feelings (the open cube shape in UNION).


    Also, it could be Jin saying that there is no way out - of this - for them both, because even tho the person tells him that his feelings aren’t dead, even tho the person knew he could have run away from all this : these feelings, this situation, this messed-up relationship, that person still loves him in the dark ; but Jin, even tho he’s confused about all this, tells him that there is no way out - no possible outcome for them - , because "she’s the one he wants".


    --> You said : "Nothing is dead, tho you lost something dark"... You said, "you‘know you could've fled" but there ain't no way out. Hmm, she's the one I want.



    It’s like he’s saying "I’m sorry, but we won’t reach an agreement, she’s the one I want, ; but still, I will need somebody that don’t hit me up, because I feel stuck, because I want to give up (on her), so, you’re not the only one feeling confused. (you ain’t not alone)".


    Also, Kame in his beautiful Sai Ai cover, after that, sang those words : 


    ‘‘You don't have to love me 

    Just watch over me from far away 

    I'm pretending to be strong 

    But I just want to be connected to you 


    Because I still love you ’’ 


    ‘‘It's ok if you can't love me

    I'll watch over you from here 

    I'm pretending to be strong 

    But I just want to be connected to you 


    Because I still love you’’


    He insists in many songs on the ‘‘I’ll watch over you from afar’’ thing. And… then he made a solo song in a cube just like Jin. Maybe did he want to send a message, again ? Like :


    ‘‘I saw your performance, I watched your concerts. I heard your songs, and understood it’s meanings. Because I’m watching over you, still. 

    Please do the same.’’


    Also, I’d like to add things to the point of Kame being the one in the dark, longing about unrequited love-feelings. I think Jin, by saying ‘‘You said nothing is dead, even though you lost something in the dark (something dark)’’ is like Kame has lost his way and the intensity of his (their?) love by staying in the dark. And here we indeed have Kame talking about it :


    SONG : IMA - (the lyrics aren’t in order but I only quoted the parts that are interesting for this analysis.)


    “Dying in the dark, motionless, ; 

    How much sadness is going to get wet in the rain? ;

    I can't get it.
    I do not see. I can not move. ;”


    “If pain and confusion haunts you, you can go ahead as I will always be by your side. ; 

    Even the truth is something that is in our hands, and, like a heart that has lost its way in its apprehension, someone wants to get hold of it. I am walking in solitude. ;”


    “What do you believe in? Why are you taking me in? I do not know anymore. 

    What we need before making that wish is to believe in it. 

    Even if I scream or even if I can't reach it, I can hear your voice. ;”


    “If pain and confusion haunt you, you can go ahead as I will always be by your side. Keep going. 

    If suffering or embarrassment attacks you, I'm always on your side, so go ahead. ;

    The truth is Looking for someone like a lost heart 

    Walking in loneliness  

    What do you believe in ?

    I don't know anymore.”


    Here, Kame is also feeling very confused about the situation and it’s the main point of the song. At the end of Emerald, he says he’ll fall in love again with his loved one, even if it has to be in the dark (so, in a way that the loved one won’t see/feel it, because he won’t express it. It will be an unrequited love, growing in the dark), but now he seems to have lost his way inside it. He’s walking in loneliness, dying in the dark, motionless, and his heart has ‘‘lost its way in its apprehension’’.


    Just like Jin said it : before, the person told him ‘’Nothing is dead’’, as to assure him the feelings that person felt for Jin were still intact, but now, Jin realises the person has lost something dark/something in the dark. It’s like the darkness in which this person stayed swallowed those feelings, and now,  not knowing what the other feels towards this relationship and feelings, has them both confused.



    Also, Kame claims his loneliness in lots of his latest solo, to which Jin, in Opaque, responded by ‘’You are not alone’’. If you ask me, I think Jin in this song is clearly saying how unhappy he is with his life at the moment, and wants somebody who understands him, don’t bring him down, because he feels stuck, and want to give up - on anything he’s living at the moment ; probably the relationship he’s stuck in. So, he’ll need “somebody’’ (else from the one he’s currently with) and begs this person not to let him fall ; not to abandon him. He wants to feel “real love’’ again, just like in Fill me Up where he’s saying he wants to love somebody, and asking someone to fill him up - with -real- love. And, like we can see in his PV, the situation at “home” isn’t a happy one, and when & where he really feels “free”, is when he travels through space, cosmos and nirvana (the feeling you get when you have astral projection, best described by a travel through space experience - and I guess Jin express it by saying he feels high and like a star hanging in the sky in his song) until landing on the moon. (and well, who was described as the moon, again? ;) )


    To which confused Kame answered with chaotic lyrics, like the ones in Rain, Ima, or Can’t cry. It’s like he’s saying “yeah, right, I do still love you, but then what? What are you planning on giving me? Is this real love, or is it not? If it’s not, then let’s stop this. I will still watch over you, and you over me, but that is enough.’’


    He says : “What do you believe in? Why are you taking me in? I do not know anymore.’’


    The ‘‘Why are you taking me in?’’ (accepting me/my request/my feelings) is making me confused again, just like the part of Jin’s Opaque lyrics I was talking earlier. I think it’s a response to Jin’s ‘’Said you want it but what the fuck does that mean?’’



    Remember just before, I said this : 


    ‘‘I'm quite confused tho at one part. He says ''You said : ''make your own bed''
    When you move away in the dark ''. If he's talking about Meisa, it gives away the feeling that she's asking him to sleep in another bed as her's, and that would show a well-known married couple difficulty as a couple sleeping rooms appart is the first sign of unhappiness, but then, it would match the ''I will need somebody (-else, to feel real love/affection/happy) because I'm giving up'' - on us.'' Moreover, Jin says ''You said you want it but what the fuck does that mean bitch?'' (Personally I always heard ''you said you want it but why the fuck you stabbed me ?'' but that's my personal hearing.). In this sentence, it's like Jin is once again blaming her like he use to do in lots of his songs ; it's like he's telling her ''why did you accept on marrying me, if it's to hurt me like that ?'' but once again, he could be talking to someone else, to that person who's passive-aggressive towards him. It could be both, and either way, it's confusing, if someone else asks him to make his own bed ? If we assume he's talking to Kame, then that would mean Kame is mad at him, and makes him sleep on the couch, by exemple. That would also mean that the ''said you wanted it but wtf does that mean bitch ?'' is addressed to Kame, and if it is, then that means that Kame expected something from Jin, and that Jin is taking it in consideration, thinking about giving it to him, but feeling confused about it.’’


    What is it, that thing the person wanted Jin to do, say, or was expecting from him ? Jin seemed to be taking this request in ; he took it in consideration, and that’s why he said that finally, he might need somebody - else, than the person he’s currently with - because he’s giving up on his actual relationship. And Kame asks him then ‘‘Why did you take me in, then?’’, if it was, at the end, to say ‘‘no’’ - I’ve changed my mind. He’s confused and don’t know anymore what to think of it, and, as to express it even more, he’s expressing it inside a cube in his performance as to get back from the start, where it all began : with Jin being the one confused.




    Aaaaand well, if you ask me, there is a following analysis to this with their next songs but it will be very very long and I’ll just keep it for another time ! xD I think I’ll stop there for this one, because I still have so much to say and this is already quiiiiite enough to let you reflect on lol. Let me know what you think ! I’ll be so happy to read your thoughts on this! Please leave comments !! :D <3 <3 <3


    See you soon for more ! I have lots of other analysis, theory and hypothesis to come that I want to share with you ! ^_^/ *hugs*

    Comments are always loved~ <3


    Chuu xxx


    ~ Luna·٠•●



    Everything came from Nothing.

    -> I've selected the most interesting part, the one about positive materia and antimateria that would have created the universe.

    You should really have a look at this, it's fascinating ! ;)



    Ok guys, so this is something that you might not agree with, but I deeply feel it can be one of the most accurate ''akame hypothesis'' I've come to think about. I discovered those things not so long ago, so we can say it has never been talked about on the Akame fandome so far. (it was only brought up by me on #AKAME20THFEST but I'm re-uploading this on my website lol)


    A few years ago I asked my best friend who studied in Japan to translate that title for me, as it was an Akame headline in a newspaper that I've found while writing ''Akame scandalu'' in japanese on my search bar. I came across an article saying Akame were seen entering and going out of the same building several times, and the newspaper assumed Akame were living together since it was always in mornings and after-work hours. It is dated from 2007 after Jin's come-back from L.A, and that's why the title says :




    lunaakame - akame from distant love to concubinage


    My friend laughted so much about it since the kanji used for 'distant love' is somehow some kanji used in a romantic and very-well know poem/story (?) around japan (aparently it was about a forbidden love between 2 lovers and such). The thing is that yeah, ok, it wasn't the first time Akame were seen together near the same building or disguised as fuck to aparently meet (pics below) since they were going out at the same hours & the same night.


    lunaakame akame meeting


    But even if I believed it might be true (that they lived together) I wasn't sure about it, but soon I encountered more evidences.


    First of all let's set this straight, I'm not talking about them living together in a romantic way. It's more like since they were having the same job, were always glued to each other and their friendship was bounded for years, I think they must have talked about how great it would be to have their own appartment (the fly-away from family kinda shit you talk about when you're a teenager) and I can only imagine them having conversations about how awesome it would be to have an appartement together in the center-town just to be cooler to their friend's eyes.


    The thing is when I was 13, I started having the exact same dream with my best friend and we kept saying that when we'll be eighteen, we'll have an appartement of our own and will live in a collocation together. Truth be told, we made it. The moment I had my final exams I was on the train to her city and we started looking for an appartement together.


    So it can only be natural, for Jin and Kame who were friends, co-workers, had the same schedules most of the time and lived already near each other (in their hometown) to want to live near the young center-town and their work area right ? Jin was even driving Kame back at his place quite often (since Kame didn't have his driving licence yet), so it could only be conveniant for them both to live together.



    Now what made me think that this was more than posible, is this interview in wich Kame talks about his teenage dream of having an appartement in Shibuya. He says he really wanted to live there, but the rent was way above his income/salary.



    But then what does he say ? That he had it. He was 19, hadn't even reached majority yet, but he lived in this Shibuya appartment when he didn't have enough money to pay the whole rent. So how about a collocation with his best friend Jinny who was already 21 to split the rent in 2, huh ?



    And guys, that would explain the ''Akame couple clothes/stuff'' so much. All the Akame evidences with the couple stuff are known everywhere, but I never thought of it as a ''couple'' thing or anything since Akame would've never been that obvious ; but I always thought they borrowed each other's clothes since they had the same taste in fashion and all, but still, I found it strange that they borrowed SO MANY like they were sleeping at each other's place every single night. Yeah well that's sure that if they were living together, it was way more simple ne~ ? Me and my best friend did that all the time, so I thought it was quite the same thing for them too. Also, Kame did say that during his 19 y/o he nearly didn't see his family for a year, so, it could be that he was just not living with them anymore and that Edogawa was too far.


    Same clothes during that period:



    Ho and as for the ''love'' that might have come after, I'll just keep my hypothesis to myself since I already told so many in my fics, fanvids and all, it's up to you to think there has been something going on between them or not, but for me, this whole ''Akame living together'' story is waaay more than possible~! ;)


    See you soon for more Akame hypothesis~ ! Let me know what you think ! ^^


    First posted on @LunaAkame twitter for #AKAME20THFEST - 08.11.2018.

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