up untill 22.03.21 ! :D

    Please share or participate to the project to spread the love !! <3 :DD





    (by Eva-chan)


    (by Rika Akase/fb)


    (by @Yooleeana)


    (by @UedaNoYome)


    (by @Fayajima)


    (by me @LunaAkame)
















    SEND YOUR PARTICIPATION TO : kattun15thproject@gmail.com

    to be part of the final hyphen video ! ^o^/



    Hello minna, dear hyphens from all over the world !  I have this project in mind for months and I'm so happy to finally be able to start it !! We'll be celebrating KAT-TUN's 15th Anniversary on the 22nd of March ! :D Time passes by so quickly, but we are still here, old and new hyphens from all over the world, celebrating our dear KAT-TUN members, whether it's past or ongoing members ! The project has for main goal to gather hyphens from all over the world, first to spread our love and support for KAT-TUN, but also, I hope, to be able to reach them somehow ! I wish it will work !! For that, please share the project, the articles, or even translate it in your language on your pages ! It's really important to share it AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE so that it reaches the more hyphens possible ! I have shared it in english, french, and I will try translating it in spanish very quickly, and thankx so much to the dear girls who helped me translate this article in other languages above !





    I want KAT-TUN to hear about it and see our posts, and see how much powerful and supporting us hyphens can be, escpecially for hyphens living outside Japan, since they don't often see us interact because they don't use social networks! (or so we're told lol) But most of all, I want them to see how much powerful social networks can be, so that they might think of coming to social networks to share with us, too ! :) That's the main goals ! They deserve so much love and more support, because like we could see they weren't very active this year and perhaps it is because JE prefers to put money into other groups, but KAT-TUN deserves better, and still deserves to be part of the main JE groups and we want them to keep on with group activities as much as solo ones, too !! Because we miss them so much and I want them to know !


    So here was my idea. First, the idea came to my mind when I saw an incredible video of a girl making latte/coffee art of Kamenashi Kazuya ; I thought it was amazing ! (by the way if someone has the video please send me the link so that I can credit this amazing hyphen ! ^^) When I saw this I thought ''God, how wonderful would it be if KAT-TUN could see these kind of videos ? If they could see that even in our daily lives, we think about them and that they're part of us, and that some of us have talents and use those talents to express our love to them? That would be awesome if they knew!''




    So here was my idea :


    Whether you have talent or not, express your love for KAT-TUN in the way that you want : in videos, drawings, paintings, musics, singing, dancing, writing, poems, letters, making ikebanas with the members colours, baking, cooking, sharing the clothes you bought over the years just because a turtle made you think of Kame, or because you wanted to buy an octopus thing for Ueda, or because something in particular made you think of a KAT-TUN member. (I know you all past Akanishi fans have those black & white layers clothes that stands for Keep The Faith, or Kame fans have these Yamanade black & red shirts too ! xD)


    I have bought I don't how much turtle stuff, black and red squares because of Kame's jacket in his drama, or black and white layers sweatshirts because of Jin, or even made a tattoo with No More Pain lyrics. Every single one of us must have made, buy, or acted some way because of our love for KAT-TUN, and I want us to share those singularites worldwide so that it can reach KAT-TUN and make them feel our eternal love and still ongoing support !


    (!) I KNOW that lots of hyphens don't like to be reminded of Akanishi, Koki or Taguchi, and I know very well that they're not part of KAT-TUN anymore, but what I want is for us to say THANK YOU to KAT-TUN, not only for this year, but for every past year, for everything that they've brought into our lives. And so, saying thank you to 6nin KAT-TUN, 5nin KAT-TUN, 4nin KAT-TUN, as well. This is why sharing things that you brought when Koki, Jin or Taguchi were still in the group is also OK, because it shows that you were there before, and that you are still here, supporting KAT-TUN, even after everything that they've been through ! ♥ The point is to show ourselves, hyphens, to KAT-TUN. Make them aknowledge us, entirely, worldwide. Make ourselves be seen : how many of us are still here, waiting for them to have group activities. We are way more than they think, I'm sure of that, and I want JE to see that too ! ;)





    Please express your talents, your love, your opinions or support with the hashtags : #KATTUN15THANNIVERSARY and KATTUN15周年 (or also #KATTUN15THFACE (stands for KAT-TUN's 15th ''Real Face'' anniversary, meaning that for this 15th year they will again show us a beautiful new face, but also the ''Face'' stands for us, hyphens, who will finally show our ''faces'' : our support/love for KAT-TUN.)) Please share anything you want, from a video to a simple drawing, from dance covering to song cover, or your special talent, or a simple picture with a love message! ♥ The point is to get KAT-TUN on top-tweet Japan for 22.03 !! :D


    ALSO SEND YOUR PARTICIPATION TO : kattun15thproject@gmail.com to be part of the final hyphen video !



    I will share fanvids personally, since it's my main ''talent'', but also drawings I made those past few years, and also the clothes, jewelery, and stuff I bought just because it made me somehow think of KAT-TUN ! ^_^ I would also love if we could make some ''fan support'' dance for them, so if anyone is interested in making a viral dance choregraphy I'll be SO up for it ! ^o^/  It would be wonderful if we could film ourselves dancing onto Real Face's anthem & choregraphy !!  


    Anyway hyphens, I'm counting on you for this, and I really hope we can make it worldwide  to our dear boys !  


    Yoroshiku na! Let's have fun untill the 22.03 minna ! ^_^/


    See you soon on twitter, youtube, facebook and other SNS & websites~ ! ;D


    Take care ! Lors of Love~


    またね~ !



    TWITTER : @LunaAkame




    YOUTUBE : Here


    KAT-TUN ongoing and past members UPDATE GROUP : Here






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  • Comments

    Monday 2nd March 2020 at 06:03

    Thank you.

    Wednesday 4th March 2020 at 19:41


      • Thursday 5th March 2020 at 13:37

        You can participate here in the comments or on twitter with the hashtags dear ! :) Thankx for your participation !

    Wednesday 4th March 2020 at 22:37

    hello!!happy It is really good idea I hope I can participate with dance and picture where do we particpate on twitter ?

    love KAT-TUN! coolsarcastic

    Wednesday 4th March 2020 at 22:55

    I can upload pics here   


    Thursday 5th March 2020 at 01:05

    This is so cute !! ^o^ It's so great what you made ! <3 Thank you for sharing ! Yes you can upload picture or videos here, but also if yu have twitter, you can post your support for kat-tun with the hashtag #KATTUN14THFACE or #KATTUN14THANNIVERSARY ! 

    I will gather everything that was send to me in a video afterwards ! ^^ Please feel free to send me anything !

    Thursday 5th March 2020 at 04:57

    Thank you so much with your ideas.

      • Thursday 5th March 2020 at 13:25

        I have the ideas but hyphens have to participate too to make it work ! ^^ Thankx to you for participating ! I want to keep KAT-TUN fandom alive and joyfull, I hope this year will be a wonderful KAT-TUN year for all ! ^_^/

    Saturday 14th March 2020 at 00:02

    Here is my first picture contribution to the project #KATTUN14THANNIVERSARY ! ^_^ I made myself this jacket because I was so frustrated not to be able to buy KAT-TUN's Union sweatshirt and Jin's baseball jacket lol. I had my revenge ! ^^cool

    I have written all the Akame/KAT-TUN songs in the back that are my favourites but also which have lyrics that make me think of Akame~ Also, the ''Akame no Kizuna'' on the front is my fanfiction blog's name for years, as for the ''lemon angst forever'' written below, well. LOL!

    I will upload other stuff and clothes later on the thread~




    Saturday 14th March 2020 at 03:51

    Finally finished typing my friction story to WORD.


    Best Day of My Life


                        The best day of my life was on 6th July.  The day when my favourite band came to Hong Kong to have a fan meeting and I might have an opportunity to my idol Kamenashi Kazuya, the vocalist of KAT-TUN.  I read this news in May, after school when I was planning to go shopping at MUJI.  Then I immediately participated in the lottery.  One week later, I received an invitation letter inviting me to join the fan meeting.  I was so exhilarated that I could not wait to call my bestie, Christina. She also loves KAT-TUN as I do.  We both love them because of their talents and personalities.  "Hey, Christina!  You know what?  I've just received the invitation to KAT-TUN's fan meeting.'  I spoke in a quick manner.  'Come down to earth, would you?  There are only 20 quotas for this.  Not everyone has this kind of luck.  Stop kidding me.' She seemed not to believe me.  So I sent a screenshot of the invitation letter to her through Line and she screamed clamorously that gave me straight tinnitus.  'Anyway, Christina, would you like to go to the fan meeting with me?'  'Definitely.' She answered readily.


                       When the day finally arrived, I woke up early morning.  Since I needed to give my idol a good impression, I woke up much earlier to do makeup.  After I put on eyeliner, eyes shadow and wore false eyelashes, I whitened my teeth to give a perfect and sparkling smile.




                        After that, I went to Christina's home to find her.  'Thank you for inviting me to the fan meeting.'  Her voice has always been uproarious.    'Let's take a taxi to our destination.


                         When we arrived at the site, I wanted to take ou my invitation letter to prove I really won the lottery yet I was not able to find my phone because my Gmail has the invitation letter and Christina does not have the habit of carrying her phone every day. 'Oh no!  I think I've lost my phone.  'What?' Christina looked like she was going to faint. ' Let's go to the reception desk for help.  'Excuse me, reception lady, have you found an iPhone X in black, with the English characters "KAT-TUN" on the phone case?'  I said speedily.  Fortunately, I found my phone so we're able to join the fan meeting again.


                            I presented my invitation letter to the guard outside the site who had a weather-beaten face.  Later, I went to a hall which can accommodate approximately 50 people.  Soon, I saw KAT-TUN coming out from a small room.  Noticing this, the fans started to shriek.  'Hey, hyphens!  Should we start with our debut?''Yes.' Straight after the performance, KAT-TUN chose a few audiences to answer their questions about Hong Kong.


                               Time flew when we were having fun.  I lived happily ever after and have no regrets.  This is how 6th July turned out to be the best day of my life.

    Saturday 14th March 2020 at 17:14

    Thank you very musch for sharing it here too dear ! :D <3333

    Tuesday 17th March 2020 at 19:43


    Participation 2 : my second tattoo, made in 2011. KAT-TUN No More Pain lyrics : ''希望の痛みを 胸に刻む - Kibou no itami wo mune ni kizamu'' ( I engrave the pain of hope in my heart ). These lyrics have such a strong impact on me! ^^ <3

    Thursday 19th March 2020 at 14:46



    The smiles that illuminate

    In front of the stage

    Three mysterious figures

    Illuminating hearts

    The lights accompanying

    The first chords

    Of a fleeting Night

    Dynamite, arrows and swords

    The weapons of a criminal army

    In pursuit of his murderers

    A Dragon makes presence behind the curtain

    His voice like tongues of fire breaking the silence


    Slowly the turtle appears, subtle, sexy and harmonious

    Filling the environment with his delicate sighs

    Behind his you hear trumpet drums and whistles

    Maru manifest as the voice of many voices

    Add life to volatile notes

    The screams increase as they get closer

    It’s a NEW GENESIS

    The REAL FACE of what we want

    IGNITE the stage

    DANGER, we don’t care

    The cheers follow, A MUSEUM of feelings

    A family reunited


    Veterans and newbies be like

    Everyone is a criminal

    It’s real and ABUSUTORAKUTO

    It´s a way of love

    Wishing for the stars

    We are different? We don’t care

    Are we a minority? What matters?

    We are sincere and we GO AHEAD

    Facing adversities

    We have suffered, we have laughed

    But here we are always standing

    Willing to protect what we love?

    ASK YOURSELF and shout, cheer a YES!


    It’s a VIVID LOVE

    Shining in a DIAMOND SKY

    The light, voices and smiles


    It’s a RAIN that doesn’t stop

    We are that fire that doesn’t go out


    HAPPY 14TH ANNIVERSARY                                        

    CREDITS: はるひとさくら 

      • Friday 20th March 2020 at 17:06

        Your text/poem was amazing !! Thank you very much for sharing and participating dear !! Can I share it on twitter & my KAT-TUN facebook group or did you do it already ?? happy

    Thursday 19th March 2020 at 23:20

    I finally finished the arrangement I've been working on the past month!!


      • Friday 20th March 2020 at 17:30

        This is so amazing girl !! Thank you so much for sharing ! Wow you even included KAT-TUN lyrics of every release !! It's so good !!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    Friday 20th March 2020 at 20:09

    i love song you make very inspiring hyphen

    hyphen from germany
    Saturday 21st March 2020 at 15:23

    I made drawing for cartoon kat-tun is it ok

    Monday 11st January 2021 at 02:18

    where do we send it me and my friends will particpate and make song cover! we hope KAT-TUN will hear it thank you!! we love you!!

      • Wednesday 13rd January 2021 at 19:41

        See the two last pictures below for the informations, you can send it to the mail address or share it whereever you want with the hashtags ! :) THank you ! Can't wait to hear your cover <33 !!

    Tuesday 12nd January 2021 at 15:40
    Malaysia <3
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