• ❌ Akame video series for the #AKAME23RDFEST ❌

    COMING SOON - 29.10.21 -


    Akame video series for the #AKAME23RDFEST


    Stay tuned. ;)



    This video is part of the series of videos "Akame Secret Desire" which is a (somehow Bdsm) themed Story I created as a fanfiction first but I also did this serie of videos following each other to create a story in a specific order. Just look for the playlist "Akame - Secret Desire videos" on my channel to see the other videos in the right order ! ;)


    PLAYLIST --> HERE ! Some videos previously added on the channel are part or the story and are added in the playlist but not displayed below. Also, more Akame videos not related to this story will come too.


    ❌ Here are the videos in order for the Story :


    Prelude videos - COMING 29.10.21 & 30.10.21 :

    - Akame - Couldn't stop Caring moments & evidence version

    - Akame - Couldn't stop Caring fanvideo version

    - Akame - If You Could Just FEEL


    ❌ Intro video : Punish You With Pleasure (this one)

    1st video : I Want to Ah Ah Ah (coming 31.10.21)

    2nd video : Love For Him is Pain (coming 05.11.21)

    3rd video : Baby I'm Jealous (coming 06.11.21)

    4th video : Our Time Is Running Out

    5th video : Perfect Memories Scattered - Need You Know (coming 08.11.21)

    6th video : Kill This Love (coming 29.10.21)

    7th video : Riptide (in November)

    8th video : I Just Want Revenge (in November)

    9th video : Y Su Fuera Jin (in November)

    10th video : But I Miss You 2021 edition (08.11.21)


    This comes with all the other videos I've been preparing for months for this month's new AKAME FEST I'm lunching again ! ;) Hope you'll enjoy ! ;D


    ❌ Follow & use the hashtag : #AKAME23RDFEST to participate ! ;D


    Hope you liked this (preview) video ! See you soon for more~ ;D


    Take care~ xxx




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